2.4GHz RF Wireless Transreveiver Module

Easy To Use Wireless RF CC2500 Transceiver

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Description: Supporting multiple baud rates of 4800/9600/19200/38400, these Wireless RF CC2500 Transceiver work on ISM band (2. 4 ghz) reserved internationally that do not require any license. These Wireless RF CC2500 Transceiver also support multiple frequencies within same band rate that helps in avoiding data collision with no requirement of complex wireless connection software for connecting to serial devices. Further, these wireless RF CC2500 Transreceiver do not require external antenna and work on 5-9v DC supply with standard uart interface. Suitable for transmitting and receiving data at multiple baud rates, the module is direct line in replacement for serial communication and finds applications for wireless sensor network, wireless device control, wireless data transfer, wireless energy metering, robotics, wireless data logger and others.