ESP 8285 M1 WiFi Module

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Because of the ultra-small size, ESP-M1/ESP-M2 is now very popular for many people. Moreover, this two modules are based on ESP8285 chip. Compared to the previous modules (e.g. ESP-F, ESP-S and ESP-E ), which are based on ESP8266 chip, the differeces are obvious and listed as follows.

  • Small size.
  • Bearable a higher temperature (about +125), but ESP8266 is just +85
  • The original ESP8266 code can be used on this modules (based on ESP8285 DO NOT change any code)
  • Support serial transpent transmission
  • Support long distance with ultra-low power
  • Support a onboard antenna (For  ESP-M1 )

The WiFi module ESP-Mis manufactured by using a high-performance chip ESP8285. This small chip isencapsulated an enhanced Tensilica L106 diamond series 32-bit kennel CPU witha SRAM. Thus, ESP8285 has the complete function Wi-Fi function; it not only canbe applied independently, but can be used as a slaver working with other hostCPU. When ESP8285 is applied as a slaver, it can start from the onboard Flash.The built-in high-speed buffer is not only benefit to improve the systemperformance, but optimize the store system. In addition, ESP8285 can be used asWi-Fi adapter by SPI/SDIO or I2C/UART interface, when it is applied to otherMCU design. The ESP-M module supports the standard IEEE802.11 b/g/n/e/iprotocol and the complete TCP/IP protocol stack. User can use it to add the WiFifunction for the installed devices, and also can be viewed as a independentnetwork controller. Anyway, ESP-M module provides many probabilities with thebest price.