ESP8266 Wifi Relay Board IOT APP Controlled for Smart Home

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  • Summarize:

    LC 5V WiFi relay module carried a ESP8266 WiFi module and microcontroller.
    It will send the serial port instructions to the cell phone APP and Implementation within the local area network (LAN) for wireless control relay.
  • Onboard the ESP8266 WIFI module has three work modes: STA (client), AP (hot), the STA + Ap( hot +client), according to the workings of a module to the corresponding choice of WIFI module working mode.Module need before use serial debugging software and USB to TTL module send serial command was carried out on the WIFI module configuration (don’t power outages after configuration is complete, as some of the parameters of WIFI module cannot be saved when the power is cut off), mobile phone and WIFI module after establishing a network connection can use the phone APP control relay.
    When cell phone equipped with WiFi module sends commands in the following order:
    (The default baud rate 115200)
    1, AT+CWMODE=2, namely AP mode is selected;
    2, AT+RST, reset;
    3, AT+CIPMUX=1, open multiple connections;
    4, AT+CIPSERVER=1,8080, configure the TCP server, set the port;
    5, AT+CIOBAUD=9600 set the baud rate to 9600. (working in relays to control the baud rate 9600)
    6, AT+CIFSR to view the AP mode IP address, such as: the APIP, “”;
    7, Cell phone WIFI signal connection name starts with AI-THINKER or ESP8266;
    8, In the “TCP connection” address and port into the APP, such as and 8080;
    9, Click on the grey box relays can be controlled
  • ESP8266 5V Wifi Relay
  • Features:

Onboard Module:ESP8266 WIFI Module,can connect 5 client at the same time on the mode of AP 
Working Method:Mobile phone equipped with Wifi module 
Mobile phone and wifi module equipped with one router,and control the relay by APP 
Onboard Relay:5V,10A/250V AC 10A/30V DC relay

  • ESP8266 5V Wifi ESP-01S Relay
  • Features

Plus a ESP-01S Module, the intelligent relay module based on ESP-01S WIFI module design, can be used for DIY their own smart switch, you can remotely through the mobile APP control, providing APP and LUA source. Easy to use, easy to use.

  • Transmission distance:

1.The open environment, the mobile phone when carrying on the WIFI module maximum transmission distance of 400 m
2.When the WiFI module and cell phone carrying on the router at the same time the signal transmission distance in accordance with the router On the weak
Onboard 5 v, 10 A / 250 v AC 10 A / 30 v DC relay, absorb 100000 times continuously
Module with diode effusion protection, short response time
Module baud rate: 9600,8,1,0,0.

  • Applications:

1. Home Automation
2. Industrial IOT Applications
3. Lighting Controls