Flex And Force Sensor

FlexiForce Sensor A301- 1lbs

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RangeLow 4.4 N (0 – 1 lb)
Force Sensor Length25.4 mm (1 in.)
Thickness0.203 mm (0.008 in.)
Sensing Area9.53 mm (0.375 in.) diameter
Connector2-pin Male Square Pin
SubstratePolyester (ex: Mylar)
Pin Spacing2.54 mm (0.1 in.)

The A301 is optimized for high volume manufacturing and ideal for embedding into products and applications.

The sensors are available in three force ranges: Low 4.4 N (0 – 1 lb), Medium 111 N (0 – 25 lb) and High 445 N (0 – 100 lb)*. The force ranges stated are approximations. The dynamic range of this small force sensor can be modified by changing the drive voltage and adjusting the resistance of the feedback resistor.