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HLK-RM04 UART To WIFI With External Antenna Test Board

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Low cost UART-ETH-WIFI module. It can used to connect any microcontroller to internet/LAN.

Its a simple and cheap module for connecting the microcontroller using wifi. Its basically a Linux powered Router with serial port output.module is almost half price with base board.You need the base board only if you use the Ethernet cable. If you want to use wifi then there is no need for the base board. But if you are a beginner then better you buy with base board. But you can setup the module even without the base board. I am going to explain to setup the module without base board.

This module is a low cost embedded UART-ETH- WIFI Module (Serial port -Ethernet- wireless network) developed by Rajguru electronics.

This product is an embedded module based on the Universal serial interface network standard, built in TCP/IP protocol Stack. enabling the user serial port, Ethernet, Wireless Network (WiFi), interface between the conversions.

Through the module, the traditional serial devices do not need change any configuration; data can be transmitted through the internet network. Provide a quick solution for the user’s devices to transfer data via ethernet.