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HLK-SW16 16 Channel WiFi Controlled Relay Board

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Voltage (V)5V
Voltage TypeDC
Current (Amps)2A
WiFi ModuleHLK-RM04
Antenna2.4G Flexibile Antenna


HLK-SW16 is a new professional remote control terminal developed by Hi-Link Electronic Co., Ltd, which can implement the TCP connection through the gateway and establish communication with the remote device. It make the network client and equipment connect directly on the basis of none modifying the original communication protocol, saving development cycle, improve the user’s experience.
Compared with the traditional way (dynamic domain name plus router port mapping), it has incomparable superiority, eliminating the need for users to apply for a dynamic domain name, make frequent operations, such as port mapping on the router, so that equipment can achieve plug and play results.


  • There is no on-board voltage regulator, so use a proper 5V DC regulated supply and not some low cost wall adapter. Wrong power supply can damage the module also.
  • You will get an android app download link, after the purchase. We will also provide the android application: Device ID and Password after the purchase.
  • After the purchase, you can also send us your WiFi SSID and Password, and we can pre-configure it for you. So, that its just plug and play for you.
  • The sale is for hardware only, we don’t provide software support for these. It does not comes with any software or manul. We can’t provide technical support for example on how to configure your router, etc. to allow inbound connections to this module. You need to contact your network administrator, technical support provider, etc. We will be charging extra for any technical support regarding these. Any technical support will be charged extra.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Carrier Board
  • 1 x RM-04 WiFi Module
  • 1 x 2.4G Flexibile Antenna