JPEG Color Camera Serial UART Interface Module

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Description: This Serial JPEG Color Camera module is a compact size, low power consumption, and stable operation. 5.0V DC Supply. UART: Up to 115200bps for transferring JPEG images. The camera uses the advanced Omni Vision OV7725 VGA color sensor JPEG CODEC for different resolutions. The camera also features down sampling, clamping and windowing circuits for VGA, QVGA, and no need for external DRAM. The use of the Omni Vision CMOS VGA color sensor makes this a low powered consumption unit.

The interface of this module is using RS232 protocol. If you are planning to use it with MCU UART then add a MAX232 Interface between this camera and your MCU so that conversion can be made between UART level of MCU which usually works at 5V and RS232 level of camera.


  • 5V power supply
  • Current consumption: 80-100mA
  • Communication interface/protocol: RS232
  • VGA/QVGA/160×120 resolution
  • Support capture JPEG from serial port
  • Default baud rate of serial port is 115200
  • Size:1.51×1.51×1.26″(38.35×38.35x32mm)