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M35 Starter Kit

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Kit detailsHLK-M35 Kit (M35 + base + module test antenna)
Operating voltage3.3V
Frequency Range2.4 to 2.4835GHz
Buttons on board1. Reset 2. Exit/default

Product Description 
This product contains HLK-M35 Kit (M35 + base + module test antenna).
This module for ready-made module has been developed a good system, without the development of two times.
There is no use; development of products from other manufacturers to provide.
The characteristic of the M35 module Taiwan’s new scheme of embedded WIFI Support external and internal antenna selection Support pins and patch two schemes Small volume 25*18MMUltra low power WIFI module (excellent power saving)Start time 1 second Perfect support 802.11 b/g/n protocol Supports all WIFI encryption methods available on the market Without any user driven, the user only need to use the microcontroller as a common serial port Support AP (hot spots) /STA (WIFI node)TCP Server/TCP Client/UDP Server/UDP Client support work Support DHCP DNS HTTP advanced application layer protocol Support serial configuration of AT commands (support serial configuration tool)LAN support search protocol search module Support SmartLink intelligent network functions, using a mobile phone APP control module is a key connection of ordinary wireless router Through the CE / FCC certification, in line with the ROHS standard 2014 with smart home market, the explosive growth, we generally believe that the smart home is the trend of the times, data predict 2016 smart home market will exceed trillion, in order to share a piece of cake, in order to give your product is in flying wings, serial WiFi module will be your best choice.