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Micro USB 4.5V-5.5V 1A Lithium Lipo Battery Charger Module

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Charging current1A (adjustable)
Charging precision1.5%
Input voltage4.5V-5.5V
Full charge pressure4.2V
Operating Temperature10 to +85 degree celsius
External dimensions25 * 19 * 10mm

Product Description

Module name: Lithium battery charging board 
Charging mode: Linear charge 
Charging indicator – Charging red light – blue light full charge 
Input interface – mini USB 
Can reverse – Inverted. 

Product Features:

This module uses a very mature charging chip TP4056 external circuit is simple, good protection performance, high precision charging. 
Automated processing of the modules are fully mechanical, SMD parts manufacturing, each module will test before shipping, high reliability. 
This module current can be adjusted to change the fixed resistor in the circuit board, you can change the output caused 100mA-1000mA very convenient 
Packing included: 
1x lithium battery charging board