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MQ-9 Carbon Monoxide Combustible Gas Detection Module

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SensitivityHigh to Methane,Propene and CO
High Heater Temp5V for Methane,Propane
Low Heater Temp1.5V for CO
Interface typeAnalog
Concentrationo 10-1000ppm CO o 100-10000ppm combustible gas

The Analog CO/Combustible Gas Sensor(MQ9) module is useful for gas leakage detecting, it used the sensitive material SnO2, which with lower conductivity in clean air. It make detection by method of cycle high and low temperature, and detect CO when low temperature (heated by 1.5V). The sensors conductivity is more higher along with the gas concentration rising. When high temperature (heated by 5.0V), it detects Methane, Propane, etc. combustible gas and cleans the other gases adsorbed under low temperature. MQ-9 gas sensor has high sensitivity to Carbon Monoxide, Methane and LPG. The sensor could be used to detect different gases contains CO and combustible gases, it is with low cost and suitable for different application.

Application Idea:

  • Domestic gas leakage detector
  • Industrial gas detector
  • Portable gas detector


  • High sensitivity to Methane, Propane and CO
  • Long life and low cost
  • Simple drive circuit