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MQ4 Methane Gas Sensor Module

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This is a very easy to use low cost semiconductor Gas sensor Module with analog and digital output. This module uses MQ4 Methane gas sensor as a gas sensing element. It requires no external components just plug in Vcc & ground pins and you are ready to go.For Digital output the threshold value can be easily set by an on-board potentiometer. Using this module you can easily interface MQ4 Methane (CNG) gas Sensor to any Microcontroller, Arduino or even Raspberry Pi.Since this Gas Sensor module is sensitive to Methane it is also small sensitivity to alcohol & smoke.

Specification of MQ4 GAS Sensor Module

  • Power Supply: 5 Volts
  • Interface Type: Analog & Digital
  • High Sensitivity to Methane & small sensitivity to smoke & alcohol
  • Low Cost.
  • Stable & Long Life.
  • On board Power indication.

The instruction of Wiring: 
1. VCC: positive power supply (5V) 
2. GND: power supply is negative
3. DO: TTL switching signal output
4. AO: analog signal output

Module Applications: 
Suitable for home or factory methane gas , natural gas and other monitoring devices to test natural gas, methane 300 to 10000ppm;