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RF Transmitter & Receiver Pair 434 Mhz ASK

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Description: This is an ASK Hybrid transmitter receiver module at 434 Mhz. The transmitter Module employs a crystal-stabilized oscillator, ensuring accurate frequency control for best range performance. There is no requirement of external RF components except Antenna.Low Power ConsumptionEasy For Application
Range in open space (Standard Conditions) : 500 Meters (with Antenna) / 100-200 Meters (without Antenna).

RF ASK Transmitter
Frequency Range : 433.92 MHz
Supply Voltage : 3V ~ 12V
OutPut Power : 4 ~ 12 dBm
Standard Operating Voltage : 5V

RF ASK Receiver
Receiver Frequency : 433.92 MHz
Typical Sensitivity : 105 dBm
Supply Voltage : 3V ~ 12V
Supply Current : 3.5 mA
Standard Operating Voltage : 5V 


Remote Controls
Automation System
Wireless Security System
Sensor Reporting
Car Security System
Remote Keyless Entry
Supports All Wireless Applications using 8051/AVR/PIC/ARM Microcontrollers.