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Sound Detection Sensor

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Board size3.2cm * 1.7cm
Operating voltage3.3V-5V
Output in the form of digital switching outputs0 and 1 high and low
installationFixed bolt hole for easy installation

Introduction:The Sound sensor is able to detect different sizes of sound. This sensor can be used to for a variety of uses from industrial to simple hobby or playing around.

Specifications : 

These little units can sense sound and variations in sound and interface easily with microcontrollers. 
When the ambient sound levels are less than the threshold set by the potentiometer, the output of the unit is High, conversely when the ambient sound levels rise above the pre-set threshold, the modules output is Low. 
Adjustable Sensitivity
Output in the form of digital switching outputs (0 and 1 high and low) 
Fixed bolt hole for easy installation
Operating voltage : 3.3V-5V
Board size: 3.2cm * 1.7cm