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Thin Pot Potentiometer

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The ThinPot potentiometer is currently a medical standard for multinational companies such as Varian Oncology, Siemens, and Baxter Healthcare, while also being used in many industrial applications.

Spectra Symbol is a premier source for high quality linear position sensors Our line of linear sensors includes the ThinPot, a component that serves as a variable analog voltage divider. This membrane potentiometer measures 10mm wide and 0.5mm thick, making it ideal for applications in even the most difficult locations. It has all the features offered by the SoftPot, but is narrower. this sensor operates in linear or rotary configurations and is available in lengths of up to 2400mm.

  • Comes with pressure sensitive adhesive for easy mounting
  • sealed for maximum durability and protection
  • Narrower than the SoftPot
  • Made from high quality polyester substrate
  • Dust and splash proof