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Water Float Valve Straight

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece


This valve is the replacementof the traditional float ballcock, which can be applied to various systems ofhigh water tanks, pools, water towers of the industry and civil construction,etc.

Technical Parameters:

1. Maximum inclinationof installation: 30 degrees;

2. Working pressurerange: more than 1.0 MPa; resident tap water pressure is 0.3-0.5 Mpa; The use of siphonwater supply needs to ensure that the water level drop is greater than 80 cm,otherwise it will affect the water output.

3.Applicable Medium : Water , Tap Water

4. Applicable mediumtemperature: more than 1-80 °C;

5, High temperaturemedium temperature: -20 dg C ~ 100 dg C;

6. If two valves areinstalled in the same tank, they should be kept on the same level.


1: Fully automaticcontrol, water less self-replenishment, water full stop.

2: Low water qualityrequirements, 6 points of water inlet, and large amount of water.

3: Beautiful appearance,small size, practicality, simple installation.

4: no need forelectricity, easy to use, long life, low failure rate, saving water resources

The float valve is divided into 4 types, and the diameter of thepipe is only a 6-point adapter on the original basis.