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XL6009 DC-DC Boost Converter Module

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The XL6009 regulator is a wide input range,current mode, DC/DC converter which is capable of generating either positive or negative output voltages. It can be configured as either a boost, flyback, SEPIC or inverting converter. The XL6009 built in N-channel power MOSFET and fixed frequency oscillator, current-mode architecture results in stable operation over a wide range of supply and output voltages.The XL6009 regulator is special design for portable electronic equipment applications.

Need a boost? Using the XL6009 switching boost regulator IC this module can take an input voltage of between 5 and 32V DC and convert it to between 4 and 38V DC.

When using these modules remember that the output current will be a lot less than the input current, (remember – W = VA). For example, if you have a 10V output at 1A from a 5V input, the input current will be around 3.6A. The real-life maximum amount of power you can get out of these things is around 10W. .

To be honest these modules should be used when you don’t have any other option, or if you only need a higher voltage at a low current. Otherwise it would be prudent to re-consider the power needs of your project.

Technical Details:

  • Input range – 5 ~ 32V DC
  • Output Range – 4 ~ 38V DC
  • Operating temperature – 0 to 40 degrees Celsius